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The Jürgen Ponto Foundation has named the Goldmund Quartet as the recipients of their 2020 biennial music bursary. The Prize is endowed with 60,000 Euros and includes engagements at Heidelberg Spring Festival, Beethovenfest Bonn, Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival and the Bad Kissingen Summer Festival.


The jury says: “The Goldmund Quartet displayed an extraordinarily promising development within the last few years further shaping its characteristic sound and striving for absolute perfection on stage. The Goldmund Quartet, whose members have been playing together since their early youth, feels at home in all musical periods. The prestigious awards they have received in the recent past prove in a striking way that they are one of the best string quartets of their generation and have already established themselves internationally.”


The official award ceremony will be held at Heidelberg Spring Festival on 29 March 2020.

four Stradivari intruments


Thanks to the Nippon Music Foundation, the Goldmund Quartet performs on the “Paganini Quartet,” a group of renowned Stradivarius instruments named after the legendary virtuoso Niccolò Paganini, who acquired and played them during the 19th century. 
It is the first long term loan ever given out to a German string quartet.

Pirastro sponsoring


The Goldmund Quartet is happy to announce a collaboration with Pirastro strings. The quartet plays exclusively on Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold and Perpetual strings: “Pirastro strings allow us to express ourselves individually and at the same time play with a unified sound. The vast range of articulations and colours offer us endless possibilities!”

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